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Friendship Baptist Member Blog

This blog is for the purpose of being a testimony or witnessing in a way that may be of benefit to fellow church members. It is not to be used for pervasive of negative comments.

He even gives orders to evil spirits!

Posted by Bill Rush on July 20, 2012 @ 9:30 AM

“He even gives orders to evil spirits, and they obey Him” Mark 1:21–34. Mark continued to demonstrate the truth of Jesus’ deity. He taught with “authority.” He cast out evil spirits, who knew and identified Him as “the Holy One of God.” He healed all sorts of diseases. As the news spread over Galilee, it was increasingly clear that a unique Individual had appeared. For some strange reason our day has seen a rise in interest in the occult. Horror books and films dwell on the demonic, and more than one serial killer has committed his or her crimes in the name of the devil. Many high schools even have small groups of Satan worshipers, perhaps in imitation of music groups that exploit the dark side of spirituality. Even in our little Florida county, the sheriff’s office made it a point to ask teachers to report any indications of Satan worship by teens! How good it is to remember that Jesus truly is the Son of God. All Satan’s forces are helpless before Him. Article from Quick Verse


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